Reward of Humility (Book 8)


The new generation of the Koros family prove troublesome to the old.

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As Jorqel demands ever more expansion in the west and south, both Zora Koros, daughter of Jorqel, and Stana Koros, daughter of Amne, come of age. Both have expectations of their adult lives but find that what they hoped for and what is reality are very different. This leads to clashes with their respective parents and both will have to learn painful lessons before they can be accepted into the world of their elders.

The emperor’s eldest daughter, Merza, also has difficulty in coming to terms with being closed away at the far end of the empire in Adnea, and being told she cannot marry Kontas Manekis until they return to the capital in another four years or so causes more difficulties in the emperor’s household.

The expectations of the new Koros generation will have to be managed by the older one if the empire is to have a smooth transition from the ‘old guard’ to the new, and this is made all the more difficult by the unexpected revival of the Tybar forces along the Amrian frontier.

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