Throne of Envy


The throne of Kastania becomes the focus of an inter-family feud.

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As Emperor Astiras Koros ages, the question of who will be named heir to his successor Jorqel begins to dominate the minds of the two brother princes.  To Istan, this means becoming a man of strength and domination.  He believes he must take a wife, sire sons, rule Bragal with an iron fist and defeat all his enemies with a ruthless efficiency.

His sixteenth birthday confirms his new position as Governor of Bragal, and the young Zora Pelagos provides him with the perfect opportunity to realise two of his wishes.  Then news of a massive Venn army poised to invade Bragal fills him with the belief that destiny will bring him to the forefront of Jorqel’s shortlist.

But his brother Argan is also active, gathering an army to sweep the Western Rebellion from Kastanian territories, and he, too, is seeking to marry and sire children.  This is intolerable to the youngest of the Koros princes, and he plans to remove Argan out of his way.

Against a backdrop of rebellion, invasion and bloody rivalry, the succession to the throne will be decided an unexpected manner.

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