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I am Tony Roberts the book, blog and website author.

As the world of the internet moves on, though this and my other site will always exist, to draw new readers I need a more open conversation, so please post comments, ask questions and generally chat to me and other readers on social media where hopefully yours and my content will draw new readers to this page.

I have two Facebook pages, the Casca specific page is:-

My personal page for discussion of my other books or just general chat is:-

If you wish to contact me but don’t want to get involved on Facebook you can email me at and I will answer as soon as I can.

Book reviews are always welcome, and you can add them from the shop, simply select the book you would like to review click the Reviews tab next to the Description and add your thoughts on my books. This being a new website and new shop for 2024 it is starting over from scratch therefore no reviews exist at the time of writing, so it would please me if some of you would take the time and add reviews of books you have previously read as well as your latest purchase.




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