Choice of Chastity (Book 10)


Follow the misadventures of the new generation as they get to grips with being in the Kastanian imperial dynasty.

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War has come to Adnea and Prince Amsel Koros has to show his leadership abilities to his embattled garrison and people.  While he determines whether to endure the siege or try to drive the Epatamians off, his cousin Kola travels through Talia seeking to secure trade deals and show the peaceful side of the Kastanian Empire, while at the same time seeking to prevent alliances being created against her nation.

Princess Merza in Niake is beginning to find that living and working alongside her betrothed Kontas Manekis is becoming frustrating.  She wishes to marry him but her father, Emperor Jorqel, is not yet ready to approve, and she has fantasies about sleeping with him, something at variance with her vow of pre-nuptial chastity.

Her father, however, will not permit any marriage until Kontas proves himself worthy, and this means uncovering and clearing out the crime gangs that plague the city.  In desperation Merza turns to her younger sister Zora who, unlike herself, won’t hesitate to use her feminine charms to get what she wants.  So Zora plunges deep into the crime world of Niake which puts her close to the crime lord, but also close to a life-threatening situation.

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