Casca 59: The Explorer


The Eternal Mercenary travels to India and gets involved in a war between two kingdoms.

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Tiring of a life in Egypt, the Eternal Mercenary decides on an exploration of the lands to the east, and sails with his woman, Ayesha, to India where they are shipwrecked on the west coast.

Being who and what he is, it isn’t long before he gets involved in a local dispute with a criminal gang and decides to help the townsfolk.  Even when that is resolved, Casca’s wanderlust takes him to the capital of the Chalukyan Kingdom where he enrols in a war against the rival kingdom of Pullava, but he soon finds that the army he is with does not seem ready for war, and the truth when he finds it is not to his liking.

He will have to fight hard to extricate himself from a developing mess and save Ayesha into the bargain!

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