Casca 40: Blitzkrieg


Casca joins the panzer korps at the beginning of world war 2

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War looms in Europe, and Casca finds himself the target of a German police investigation into the death of a Spanish national in a Berlin hotel.  To escape discovery, the Eternal Mercenary joins the new panzer corps and soon finds himself teaming up with a giant of a man called Gustaf Beidemann.

As war breaks out, Casca, Gustaf and the rest of his crew are plunged into a vicious campaign that takes them through Poland.  All this time, unbeknown to Casca, the police are closing in on him, thanks to the efforts of one man, Erich Farben.  Farben’s progress is stalled when war with the West begins, and Casca, Gus and his friends rampage through Belgium and become embroiled in the biggest tank battle of the war so far against the best that France can send into the field.

Just when it seems Farben has got his hands on his quarry, a guardian angel, connected to Casca’s long, distant past, appears out of nowhere, intending to save the Eternal Mercenary from spending years in a Nazi prison.

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