Casca 42: Barbarossa


Casca fights on the Eastern Front in WW2 against the Soviet Union.

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When the armies of Hitler invade Soviet Russia, Casca (a.k.a. Carl Langer) is amongst the legions of soldiers sent to topple Stalin’s hated regime.  As part of the elite panzer corps, he forms part of the spearhead of Operation Barbarossa, the codename for Hitler’s invasion.

While Langer fights against communism, the Brotherhood of the Lamb intensify their search for the man they see as the spawn of Satan.  Using the SS and Gestapo as their unwitting allies to check all records, they intend to find him and once they do, they will imprison him for eternity.

Langer’s only hope is in the form of the slender and beautiful Isabella, sent by her family the Longini, who have long been Langer’s secret guardians, to infiltrate and sabotage the Brotherhood’s evil plans.  So while Langer partakes in the great battles of Smolensk, Kiev and Moscow in the titanic struggle between Germany and the USSR, another battle ensues in the corridors, streets and parks of Krakow, where Isabella has to not only succeed in her mission, but also to escape the clutches of a vengeful SS.

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