Casca 37: Roman Mercenary


Casca and a hand-picked bunch of mercenaries are sent to a barbarian-held city to rescue a Roman noble’s beautiful daughter.

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A simple rescue mission, that’s what they said to Casca.  But to the Eternal Mercenary it was anything but that.  Recovering from the trauma of seeing his beloved Rome fall to the Goths, he’d taken on the first job that came his way in Gaul, to rescue a rich man’s beautiful daughter from a barbarian occupied city.

Getting a group of mixed Roman and Germanic mercenaries to come with him on the mission was not difficult, given the gold promised in those times of uncertainty.  What was difficult though was to find out which of his six companions was hiding an alternative agenda while travelling north to barbarian territory.

What was also hard was to avoid getting caught up in a dynastic squabble between the King of the Burgundians and one of his group, the son of a rival Burgundian noble.  It would be a mission that would test Casca to the limit of his endurance and abilities.

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