Casca 58: The Hunter


The Russian-Ukrainian War forms the background to this tale of Casca taking on the Brotherhood in a race for a secret weapon.

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The Russian invasion of the Ukraine in early 2022 drew in soldiers from all over the world to fight for one side or the other.  Just the kind of conflict the Eternal Mercenary Casca Rufio Longinus would get involved in, and he made his way to Central Europe to pick up a contract.

But other people knew he would be seeking to take part and contacted him with a mission that they knew he would find impossible to resist – to stop the Brotherhood of the Lamb from obtaining a top- secret weapon they had abandoned in 1986 when Chernobyl had gone up.

Now they were back, infiltrating the Russian military as it swept through Chernobyl on its way to Kiev, capital of the Ukraine, in order to find this weapon and complete it so they could use it on an unsuspecting world.

Casca – taking the name Carlos Romano – knew time was not on his side as he accepted the mission, but armed with the latest weaponry and assisted by a trusted and no-nonsense ally, he knew he must not fail in a race for this weapon.

To thwart the Brotherhood in their evil plans he would have to become their Hunter.

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