Path of Pride


Argan Koros is entrapped in a diabolical scheme set by rival Houses in the fourth of the epic Kastania fantasy series.

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With the resumption of war with Venn, the Kastanian Empire faces an uncertain future.  To emperor Astiras Koros, it is clear his two youngest sons, Argan and Istan, will have to take up their senior duties as soon as they old enough to do so.

For Argan this means knowing how to govern and rule benignly, and to learn how to be the ideal warrior prince.  He believes that he must have pride in what he does, in order for both himself and everyone else to take his princely duties seriously.  But what Argan doesn’t realise is that pride can blind him to some simple truths that could seriously undermine his efforts, especially when rival Houses see him as a danger to them ever gaining power again in the Empire.

One person, though, sees the danger.  Sasia, Argan’s servant girl and lover, knows she must try to keep the adolescent prince on the right path, even if it means jeopardising the two youngsters’ new found love for each other.  For if she fails, she fears that one of the rival Houses will succeed in bringing him down.

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