Casca 12: African Mercenary


Casca leads a crack team of mercenaries into darkest Africa to topple a bloodthirsty tyrant!

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Casca Longinus. Cursed by Christ on Golgotha. Condemned to outlive the ages, and wander the globe a constant soldier.  Forever fighting, surviving, waiting for Him to return.

Emerging in our modern world, Casca (alias Casey Romain) gathers together the best-trained mercenaries to topple the regime of Matthew Dzhombe, the crazed dictator of Kimshaka. But killing Dzhombe, who claims to be an immortal god, is only part of the problem.  The toughest part is dealing with the treacheries of tribal politics and international intrigue, while the West, the Chinese, and the Russians all seek a lion’s share of Casca’s conquests.

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