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Katie battles throughout the 1990s to regain her life and her career

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Waking from a coma Katie discovers she has lost eight months of her life.  To her horror she finds her health is so fragile she is unable to barely leave the house, let alone resume her stalled career.  Worse, she has lost her song-writing ability and drifts through life in limbo.  As doctors seek to find a solution to her health, she reaches out to old friends to try to rediscover her life.  She also discovers that she has become estranged from her mother, father and her brother’s family.

Increasingly frustrated with her life seemingly going nowhere, and the fact her former bandmates are enjoying a fruitful life in their own band, she becomes restless and yearns for the return to the old days of the 1980s.

It is only when her niece, Louise, confronts her about her past that Katie’s rift with various family members begins to heal and begins the long, slow painful path back to writing songs.  As the decade nears its end Katie vows to bring Siren back from the dead, but she will need to use all her powers of persuasion to convince an unwilling father, record company and her former band-mates that she is back and better than before.  

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When's the next one coming out, I need another Katie fix?!!

18 August 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I felt bereft and on tenterhooks when book 2 finished and I had to wait for this book to come out, but boy was it worth the wait.
In the last books I found that I wavered between hating and loving Katie. She is a petulant attention seeking child, yet when you think about what she has to go through day to day with her allergies, it makes her behaviour somehow more acceptable. In this book however, I warmed to her more than expected, and I think this is my favourite so far.
I am now looking forward to the next one/s coming out to see where her tangled life takes her next. Well done to the author for making such a credible, sometimes likeable and yet quite annoying sometimes, lead character!

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    Katie battles throughout the 1990s to regain her life and her career