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A girl's fight to realise her dream of becoming a rock star, set in the UK in 1979.  You can listen to two of the songs featured in this novel on FEATURES THE SONG 'STONES' AS PLAYED ON BBC RADIO.

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Katie Long came from a musical family; her father had been a semi-professional musician and her mother a singer in his band.  Katie had inherited her mother’s voice and her father’s love for the guitar, but life had played a cruel trick on her by inflicting her with a severe allergic condition and asthma.  

Katie’s love for music shielded her from despair, however, and she spent her time when not at school practicing in her bedroom, learning to play, writing songs, and trying to better her gifted elder brother’s flair with the six string.All this made her withdrawn at school and so she was bullied by her peers who didn’t understand, and her school didn’t do anything to stop it, so she retreated even further into her music and dreamed one day of becoming a rock star.  It seemed though that this would only ever remain a dream.

Then a couple of unrelated incidents on her fifteenth birthday set off a chain of events that put her on the path to realising her dream, but if Katie was to achieve her ambition, then she would have to overcome her bullying classmates, prejudice and her shyness, all of which would test her resolve to the fullest.  

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Full of reasons to be inspired...

Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. I read it in two days. I really identified with Katie, right from the beginning. I remembered how spiteful school children can be, and how relentless in their spite. The author really brings out the feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and dread that bullying causes a person to feel, as well as the loneliness and the unwillingness to confide in family. In fact, the way in which the author portrays the thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears of all of the characters really brings them to life and enables the reader to identify with them as mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, friends, band mates. All of the characters grow in some way. In terms of showing all of the faces of a character, my favourite has to be Charlotte, Katie''s mother. There are some fantastic laugh out loud moments between Katie and Charlotte, where their personalities clash, but also there are moments when you just want to hold your heart and weep for them, particularly as both women learn more about the struggles faced by the other. You really do find yourself able to imagine every member of this family.

Katie is the ultimate underdog. Her allergies cause her to miss out on everything that most teenagers take for granted. Alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, make up. Her confidence is low but she has her music and as she develops she gains confidence, presence and charisma. It is an inspiration.

I was also impressed by the musical theme. Not only has the author written songs that reflect Katie's experiences; he has also researched what was in the charts at the time of key events in the book. My favourite reference is "Message in a Bottle" which resonated with Katie's feelings of loneliness and the joy of discovering that she wasn'the alone in being alone.

Wonderfully uplifting and inspiring, gutted I have to wait so long for the next one. Rooting for the Katies out there.

Amazon Customer

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This book is on fire!

I’ve just finished reading this story, and I’m blown away. I got through it within 48 hours. The book has everything and more – captivating storyline, vivid details, moments of fury, victory and utter despair. For me the parts that stood out, and that I want to read again and again, are the beautifully crafted chord by chord audio descriptions of the rock songs that were played in practice sessions and gigs. From the emotions emanating from those harmonies through to the passion of each player, the expectation builds into mesmeric crescendos – it’s on fire! I don’t think I’ve ever ‘heard’ a book so intricately. This story line can only get better and better… can’t wait to dive into the follow up. I can’t recommend it enough.

Lisa Ravenscroft

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A girl's fight to realise her dream of becoming a rock star, set in the UK in 1979.  You can listen to two of the songs featured in this novel on FEATURES THE SONG 'STONES' AS PLAYED ON BBC RADIO.