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Casca fights at the Little Big Horn alongside Custer!

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Washed up on the Oregon coast, Casca discovers that life on the frontier is hard and cruel.  Hired out as a bar bouncer, he falls foul of a gang led by a ruthless son of a rich and powerful ranching family and sets out to get revenge for the rape and assault on a saloon girl.

Wounded in a shoot-out where only one of his quarry survives, Casca, now calling himself Casey Long, embarks on a search to find the lone survivor, and the trail leads to the 7th Cavalry in Dakota Territory.

Joining up, Casey finds a war with the Sioux and Cheyenne has broken out and he is sent with the rest of the unit under George Armstrong Custer to pacify the natives.

Against a backdrop of hunting down the last of his prey, Casey is set on a date with fate at a place that will become known as The Little Bighorn.



Casca #46 in review

I purchased "Casca: The Cavalryman" directly from author Tony Roberts, as I usually do.

It was a nice change of pace to see Casca, or Casey as he is again known as, in the Wild West. The Eternal Mercenary fits right in and when not wenching, puts tough guy wannabes in their place, sometimes their final resting place.

I was a bit surprised that most of the 178 pages of this book did not involve the US Calvary, but instead focused on Casey following the vengeance trail while gathering some lust lovers along the way.

But when the Battle of Little Big Horn breaks out in the last two chapters, the action more than makes up for the book's title.

The cover art by John Thompson is dead on! Casey, Custer, red-headed Lisa and probably He Who Fights Again.

There is a curious front cover blurb: "The Natives called the area Greasy Grass, to the Eternal Mercenary it meant death." Currious, because not until the very last words of the book is the term Greasy Grass used.

Casca's views on what was happening to the Native Americans was so true and so sad. Little Bighorn was the last hurrah of the Sioux and Cheyenne.

"The Cavalryman moved along quickly and I was never bored. How can one be bored with Casca doing what is morally right even if he'd never admit to that.

I'm so grateful that Tony continues the Saga of the Eternal Mercenary in the spirit that Barry Saddler would have been proud of!

Stephen Servello

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Casca 46: The Cavalryman

Casca 46: The Cavalryman

Casca fights at the Little Big Horn alongside Custer!