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Casca 41: The Longbowman


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The Battle of Agincourt forms the backdrop of this tale set in northern France in 1415.

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Casca steals a Southampton criminal's girl and escapes retribution by joining King Henry V's army assembling nearby for a campaign to France.  Disguising the girl as one of their band, Casca and his new comrades are soon embroiled in a lengthy siege where the fighting bogs down amongst the fortifications.  Casca soon learns that the French are not his only opponents, for the criminal has sent an assassin after him and the girl as punishment for their actions.

   As the rains of autumn arrive, the English army embarks on a long trek to safety, harassed by converging French armies, and the eternal mercenary must use his centuries of combat and survival skills to protect the girl from the danger closing in on them.

   Riddled with disease, the English realise they will have to turn and fight for their lives even though they are outnumbered and without food, but Casca and his comrades have the one weapon the French rightly fear, the longbow, and on a rain-sodden field in northern France they will take part in one of the battles that will echo down the ages in folklore.  



When the bow was mightier than the sword...

This exciting Casca adventure occurs during the time and settings of the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 in northern France, where the English and French fought over who would rule northern France. The English won against a numerically superior French army, where the Welsh longbow was the deciding factor. The longbow, which required years of strength-building and practice, was a weapon unique to the Welsh. It was able to pierce virtually any armor worn by the French infantry and mounted knights from a far distance.

Casca gets himself included with a group of Welsh longbowmen, who are part of the English army, as a means to escape the revenge of a crime leader in England. The crime leader sends in an undercover assassin with the English army to kill Casca. This tale includes medieval fights from: bars and alleyways; to armies contending for villages, towns, and river bridges; to the grand finale at Agincourt. Inbetween these battles, Casca and his group have to trudge though the rain and mud of the French Fall rainy season and the sickness and hunger that this created.

Throughout, Tony's writes with such description and energy that I felt as if I was right along next to Casca, the Eternal Mercenary, as he lives and fights in still more of his so far neverending adventure-filled travels and intense battles.

I'd recommend this action-packed novel, and the whole series, to those who enjoy tales of fast-paced adventure set in historical settings of the time, with an emphasis on the weaponry and battles of the period.

Andy Beau

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    Casca 41: The Longbowman

    Casca 41: The Longbowman

    The Battle of Agincourt forms the backdrop of this tale set in northern France in 1415.