Tony's book shop

Author Tony Roberts writes and sells his own books through this site, as well as other outlets.

Why should I buy from here? quite simply as well as supporting the author by buying direct you will also receive a personally signed copy of the books you buy. This re-launch has split the books into collections to make the pages a bit clearer, and hopefully the books easier to find. use the menu at the top of the page to find your section (or browse them all)  


There was a minor catastrophe with the old shop, so that was a great excuse to recreate and re-model, the old one was getting a little crowded. For all our old customers you should have received an Email letting you know of the change, and that you need to request a new password, using the forgot password link. This is because the encryption is different on the new software but changing your password will regain access to your account with your delivery address and other information hopefully intact.

If you don't have the Email handy just look down to the bottom of this page where the same instructions are duplicated.

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