The Ruins of Kital – Book 8 (available only in ebook format)


The 8th book in the Dark Blade series, it is available from Kobo or Kindle.  Links herewith:



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Sent to an ancient land by Jarrod’Owyn, her missing father, Faer’Owyn seeks a long-lost city, hidden, or so it is said, within a dense jungle. She is also hopeful of finding thousands of her father’s people who were left there over twenty years ago after they had fled the dark elf kingdom.

Warned by Keychek that the leader of this missing group may well be a powerful female with a grudge against Faer’s mother for falling pregnant at the hand of Jarrod’Owyn when she had set her sights on marrying him herself, she prepares herself as best she can for the probable confrontation.

The ruined city, Kital, was also fabled due to many hidden treasures, but finding the ruins would be no easy task, especially as nobody appears to want her to find it for varying reasons, and the monsters of the jungle are just another obstacle to her quest to bring her people back to the lands of the dark elves.


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