Hostile Shores – Book 9 (available only in ebook format)


The 9th book in the Dark Blade series, its available in ebook format only, links herewith.



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With a horde of dark elves at her beck and call, Faer’Owyn can
now turn her focus on enlarging her fledgling empire to the detriment of her
neighbouring kingdoms.

First on her list is the Kingdom of Chodrak, who possesses
the strongest army on the continent of Ukar, but they have never faced a force
of thousands of dark elves before.

However, even if Faer’Owyn’s powerful army does succeed in
conquering Chodrak, it has plenty of allies along the hostile shores of the
continent who will come to its aid in the event of war, a war that the empress
will welcome in her quest to create a mighty empire that will enable her to
challenge for the throne of the Dark Elf kingdom itself!


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