Eyes of Diligence (Book 9)


The 9th tale in the fantasy epic series sees the empire threatened by a Holy War.

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With Kastanian expansion both east and west, their neighbours are now looking upon the revitalised empire with concern and alarm.  Not only has this resulted in increased diplomatic missions, but in a resurgence of spying missions sent into the empire.

For Princess Kola, on a spying mission of her own in Mazag, this means she has to work harder at securing trade deals and alliances for her beloved homeland, and she will stop at nothing to obtain these, even if it means using her beauty and physical charms to do so.

Of Kastania’s enemies, the one who hates them most is Venn, and even if Venn’s armies are for the moment crippled, her fleet is not, and fleets are sent into the Aester Sea to destroy the last remnants of Kastania’s once-mighty navy.

But the greatest threat along the borders rises in the west, where suddenly a Holy War is proclaimed with the ultimate goal of conquest none other than Kastan City itself, causing one of the ruling dynasty’s family to collapse in shock.

Emperor Jorqel will now have to be extra diligent in ensuring his borders are not violated and lands plundered, for a holy war army knows no rules or restraint, and the spectre of ravaging armies of undisciplined fortune seekers invading his realm means he will have to return to the capital and call upon every last able-bodied defender to the capital’s walls, including the imprisoned Prince Elas.

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