Casca 51: The Saracen


Crusade action for Casca as he returns to the Holy Land!

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Washed ashore from a storm in the Far East, the Eternal Mercenary drifts westwards until he arrives in the land of the Crusaders, beset by strife and internal struggles as it seeks to impose itself against the growing might of Saladin.

Casca becomes embroiled in a personal feud between the powerful warlord Reynauld de Chatillon and the daughter of a minor noble, and earns the enmity of de Chatillon which ends in a painful experience for the Eternal Mercenary.

He subsequently enrols into Saladin’s army and partakes in the great struggle between the forces of the Cross and the Crescent, but in the aftermath finds that the woman, Eleanor de Beaucaire, is still in mortal danger inside the besieged city of Jerusalem, and he needs to somehow save her before the assassin can strike.

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