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September 27, 2021 at 12:22 pm #3119

Not sure if you want to include this in the timeline, but these are the times Casca met with Dr Goldman, Dany Landries, or Hayley

(as going to send by e-mail, but your contact form is not working)

1970. Casca 14: The Phoenix
Recruited into a special force to stop a Viet Cong ….
1970? – Casca recovers from a fatal head injury in a MASH hospital in Nha Trang, Vietnam, which is witnessed by Dr Landries and Dr Goldman. Casca tells Dr. Jules Goldman his story. (Casca #1 Chap 1)

Main Points 1973 – 1977
1975 – Khmer Rouge sieze power in Cambodia.
1976 – Events of Soldier of Fortune. …
1977 – Events of African Mercenary
1977? – Casca meets Dr Goldmen in Boston Museum of History and relates events of Casca #2

1978-1990. Theoretical.
After a few years as a merc Casca knows ….
1978? – Casca meets Dr Goldmen at his home in Boston and relates events of Casca #3
1980? – Casca meets Dr Goldmen in Germany and relates events of Casca #4

1991 Events of Casca 44: Balkan Mercenary
Casca fights in Yugoslavia during its civil war….

Main Points in Casca books 1992 – 2017

2000? Dr Bob Landries dies, tells his son Danny about Casca on his deathbed. Casca tell Dr Golman the events of Casca #28
2003 Casca Meets Danny for the first time in Cracow, Poland with Dr Goldman. Casca relates the events of Casca #34 to them.
2005? Casca meets Danny in Rome (Dr Goldman is getting to old to travel) Asks Danny for assistance in creating multiple IDs. Relates events of Casca #35
2008 Casca is working for US Government in a Black Ops Anti-Terriost unit. He fights The Brotherhood in the Kali Mission. (mentioned in Casca #39)
2011 Casca is working for US Government in a Black Ops Anti-Terriost unit. While his four man unit is in Mexico on a mission to stop drug-cartels smuggling drugs into USA, their HQ supperior (The Brotherhood has infiltrated the HQ and replaced the General in charge with thier man) Orders the unit to kill Casca. Casca with Danny and Hayley’s help, Kills the Brothehood man and wipes out all operational data at the HQ. Relates the events of Casca #39.
2011(Autum) Cassa working with Danny & Hayley and other Mercs Rescue 2 Oil Executives from Gadafi’s troops in Libia. (Relates the events of Casca #41 to Hayley)
2015 May Casca is in Brussels Belgium, meet Danny and Hayley. (Relates the events of Casca #43)
2015 Casca working with Danny Landries (coordinator) and his wife Hayley (Helo pilot) as mercenary rescuing artifacts from destruction by ISIL in Syria. Relates events of Casca #45.
2017 June Casca meeets Dany and a 6-month pregnant Hayley in Vienna. Relates the events of Casca#48

I am currently reading the books in Chronological order, and have only read up to Casca 46: The Cavalryman (1870-1876) [reading it now]

So I don’t know if any other encounters occur in the books after this time (about 15 books, 8 written by Sadler)

September 28, 2021 at 1:24 pm #3120
Tony Roberts

Thanks for that, yes not a bad idea. I shall look into updating the timeline in due course. And I’ll look into the contact form problem. It may well be its linked to my old email address which no longer exists.

October 8, 2021 at 4:13 am #3122

Just read Casca 55. Awesome as usual. Please keep them coming. When is the next one? Soon?..

October 8, 2021 at 5:12 pm #3123
Tony Roberts

Glad you liked it! Have begun the next story the last 2 days. Will be ready around March next year.

January 28, 2022 at 12:11 pm #3140

Minor Back story update to the timeline.

1934-1935 Casca was in Berlin before the Spanish Civil war. (Mentioned in Casca #4 Panzer Soldier Prologue.)

January 29, 2022 at 8:59 am #3141
Tony Roberts

Yes, just a little mention. Might be useful if and when I write the Spanish Civil War story.

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