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June 10, 2017 at 7:45 am #2567
Tony Roberts

There have been 8 so far elsewhere, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to make a comment or review here about the Cavalryman.

December 28, 2019 at 8:29 am #2944

A Casca tale situated in the Wild West
A Casca novel by Tony Roberts that is situated in the Wild West. This novel is ok, but it is the least favorite “Roberts” Casca novel so far. I do not know why he titled it the “Cavalryman” He is only in the Cavalry for a few Chapters. It should be titled “the Angry Scar faced Cowboy” or Casca the Avenger of Prostitutes”. Of course, I can see the difficulty with writing this book during the horrors of the “Indian” Wars. I really would not enjoy reading about CASCA massacring Native Americans. It starts out with him washing ashore in the great North West. He meets people, and we get to know them, then he does this and that western stuff. Of course, he has sex with the required teen-aged (or so) girl that absolutely must have immediate sex with the much older scarred man. He eventually joins the Cavalry, and a few pages later, everything goes to shite. By Chapter 5, we are starting all over again. Oh, come on! All of the characters we spent a few chapters getting to know are, for the most part, gone. He meets more people, and starts all over. The next thing we know he goes on a silly vendetta, over many months and miles, to track down a couple guys in order to avenge a bartender and an abused prostitute that he knew for maybe two days (exactly what she told him not to do). No not for her, to stop them from abusing any more women. OK, when did Casca turn social justice warrior? This is out of character for Casca. He had no attachment to these people. Casca would know that this stuff happened back then, he was wasting his time, and all of this would change nothing. Now, if it happened to his 16-year-old Nympho he hooked up with, I could understand his investment of time and blood. Yes, during this, he meets a willing 16 year old Nympho who has to have his manhood right away…….. really? Two in one book? He eventually joins the Cavalry again for the last few chapters (thus the title I guess).

Over all, I loved the Wild West environs, and the action was superb. It book would make a decent Western novel. I just found it all assembled in a way that “I” found confusing. It is still a good read, but definitely not Tony’s best work in “my” opinion.

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