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All Casca readers are encouraged to add their own book review, for any books in the series, you may also add links to reviews you find on the internet.

Please keep this forum tidy, if there is already a review for your book add yours to that topic, i.e. Casca #1 The Eternal Mercenary topic can contain all the reviews and links relevant to that book. Keep general chat and one liner comments for the general forum.


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Casca Chat

This Group is for the fans and readers of Barry Sadler’s Casca adventure series.

While lively discussion is welcomed, flaming and personal attacks can be reason for membership removal.

Casca is a character created by the late author Barry Sadler, and now continued by Tony Roberts. Casca Rufio Longinus is an ex-Roman legionary who was cursed to live forever by Jesus at the Crucifixion, and has ever since passed through time fighting wars, unable to die.

In over 30 novels, Casca is plunged into history’s conflicts from the time of the Caesars, through the post-colonial wars of the 1970s, and into the recent past. Fans go on a journey through history and relive the experiences of a soldier cursed to live forever. They come face to face with people who have been household names throughout time: Attila the Hun, Hernan Cortes, Adolf Hitler, Blackbeard the Pirate, Robert E. Lee, Genghis Khan, and many more!


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