Get your advance order of Casca 50 in before the postal price rise

On 25th March the UK postal rates will be changing. Some prices rise, some fall. I’ve put the new Casca book up on the shop to be bought now, so put your order in now before the price rise!

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Podcast now available

The hour and a quarter of my interview with Bryan Aiello is now available for you to listen to.

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Casca 50 update

The artwork has been done and its shown here. Book to be published in March.

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Replica of Holy Lance received

Casca fan John Lovato of Utah kindly sent me a replica of the Holy Lance that resides in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, which I received this week. This is the replica of the one Hitler took from Vienna in 1938, and was returned to the Austrians by General Patton in 1945.

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Audio Podcast Interview

Had an audio podcast interview with a Bryan Aiello of New York today, someone who interviews authors around the world.  We discussed the Casca series and Barry Sadler amongst many other subjects.  I’ll let you know when its out.

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Casca features in new edition of magazine

The men’s magazine ‘Men of Violence’ edition 11 issued on 6 October 2018 features an article on Casca The Eternal Mercenary, and an interview with myself.

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2018 Last Day for posting for Christmas

Last days for posting at Christmas for your Casca books or the others I do (Kastania and Siren)  are as follows:

Fri 7 December Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Sat 8 December Caribbean, Central and South America
Mon 10 December Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand
Fri 14 December Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and USA
Sat 15 December Finland, Sweden
Mon 17 December Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Tue 18 December Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

UK is 19th December.

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To buy or not to buy?

I’d like to humbly ask all you guys out there not to buy the paperbacks from Amazon.  I only get 25c per paperback sold on Amazon and cannot justify the time taken to research and write these stories if more and more people buy from Amazon.  I’d rather people buy from my website and then no money goes to the bulging coffers of Amazon and they throw me the scraps.

Thank you.

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Casca 49 here and ready to post!

The paperback is out, and the ebook should be within 12 hours (11th October).  All those who have already bought a copy should be having their orders sent in the next 48 hours.

Those who have not yet ordered, you can now do so!


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No more Amazon paperback sales from me

After Amazon fees hikes I no longer make any money from sales on amazon.  I lose 34p currently and really cannot afford to keep on selling paperbacks there.  Paper backs are always on sale from my own website so please buy there.  Kindle ebooks are unaffected and will still be on sale from amazon sites.

I’d ask all of you guys and gals out there to consider where your money goes before buying paperbacks from Amazon.  to the seller?  no, they go to Amazon execs and their shareholders.  Amazon is a buyers website, not a sellers.  I know sometimes it works out more expensive buying from my website shop than from amazon, and I can’t tell you where to get your Casca books or Kastania books or Siren books, but if you’d like to support the writer rather than a big corporation, my website is the place to get them from.

I would like to thank all of you for buying the Casca novels and my other books, as it keeps me going.  However if I relied purely on amazon sales, I would have gone under a long time ago.

Lombard is coming out end of September/start of October.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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