New covers in stock

With the ongoing revamp in some of the cover artwork, here are the latest ones just in. I’ve got a small stock of the old ones which will go out first before the new ones do.

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Latest news during coronavirus pandemic

To keep you all updated, here are the latest pieces of news:

  1. Books are taking longer to get to destinations due to two factors: illnesses at the postal services around the world, and secondly because so many are at home now, locked down, they are ordering lots of stuff online which is adding to the backlogs, so please be patient.
  2. I am slowly adding to my low stocks. In the past couple of weeks I’ve had new stocks come in of Cascas 25, 37, 39, 42 and 51. I have in the pipeline new stocks of 47, 48 and 52 due to arrive shortly.
  3. I am still trading and will process orders two or three times a week, depending on the number of sales I have.
  4. I am planning Casca 53 to be out in August or September. It is to be called The Last Defender and is all about the siege of Constantinople in 1453, and Casca gets involved in that epic battle.

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Low Stocks

Getting low on some Casca books here (I’m actually out of Casca 47: The Viking) but I do have orders in for Cascas 37, 42, 47, 48 and 52 which should be arriving with me in the next 2 weeks.

So don’t worry if you see low stock or out of stock on my books, replacements will be on their way.

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Still trading

Despite everything, I’m still sending paperback book orders around the world, so fear not if you’re concerned about any effect of corona virus on Casca book supplies. We’re still a going concern!

New Casca 42 cover, coming soon!
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Casca 52 at printers

Its being printed and this means I should have it within 3 weeks. As soon as I have the proof and give them the final go-ahead I’ll set it up on the website for advance orders.

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Postage increases from 23 March

Postage price increase 23 March. Therefore its likely these price increases will have to come into effect when the new Casca book is released. Looking at exchange rates it means probably 70c increase per book. So if you want some of the back issues of Casca best get your order in now before the price increases take effect.

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More new covers

Both Halls of Montezuma (Casca 25) and Johnny Reb (Casca 26) have had new covers done. Once the existing stock is sold, then the replacements will have these covers.

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New Cover artwork for The Confederate

With the opportunity to print some of my Casca novels in the UK, I’ve taken the chance to get new artwork done for 25, 26 and 27. First up is Casca 27. It will be for sale only from my website from around Christmas time onwards. I have a small stock of the old 27s which will be sold first.

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Latest News

Things are happening at the moment. I’ve got my new contract for 2020 and the two new books will be Casca 52: The Rough Rider (Spanish-American war of 1898) and Casca 53: The Last Defender (siege of Constantinople 1453).

Busy writing the Rough Rider which is about halfway done and I expect to finish it by Christmas. It’ll be released around end of March 2020.

And my books will all be for sale at the forthcoming Totterdown Arts Trail (Nov 16-17) where our house will be open to the public to see and hopefully buy my partner Jane’s artwork and my books, and have refreshments at the cafe in our large kitchen.

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Casca 51 now with me and for sale!

Its arrived and on the website shop – you can order it now!

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