To buy or not to buy?

I’d like to humbly ask all you guys out there not to buy the paperbacks from Amazon.  I only get 25c per paperback sold on Amazon and cannot justify the time taken to research and write these stories if more and more people buy from Amazon.  I’d rather people buy from my website and then no money goes to the bulging coffers of Amazon and they throw me the scraps.

Thank you.

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4 Responses to To buy or not to buy?

  1. avatar msgserge37 says:

    Do you plan to reprinting books 5 and so on?

    • avatar Tony Roberts says:

      I have had book 3 reprinted to see if its financially viable. The only way we would continue would be if people bought the reprinted book 3 in sufficient quantities to warrant the expense. At present there hasn’t been the demand, and unless things pick up, it’ll never happen. I cannot afford to put it up on Amazon myself as with the fees Amazon charge, I end up losing money on each sale, hence I only sell through my own website.

  2. avatar msgserge37 says:

    My wife asked the question the other day, how big is the book series folowing?

  3. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    This is hard to pin down. I have the sales from my website, then there are the sales from the franchise owners who won’t give me any figures, then there are the ebook purchases which are equally difficult to pin down because of the way Amazon provide figures (all designed so they confuse and conceal the true numbers). I reckon there’s around a few thousand, but the issue is that there are many more who have bought the books in the past who are unaware the series is continuing. Its a case of needing to spread the word.

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