Casca 49 here and ready to post!

The paperback is out, and the ebook should be within 12 hours (11th October).  All those who have already bought a copy should be having their orders sent in the next 48 hours.

Those who have not yet ordered, you can now do so!


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3 Responses to Casca 49 here and ready to post!

  1. avatar beeferb1 says:

    Hey Tony,
    It appears you have an over lap issue with the Austrian and Casca’s time in the Civil War back in the states.
    As the war turns against the Confederacy, Casca learns of Elizabeth’s capture and finds her dead. Vowing revenge, he rejoins the army in time for the Gettysburg campaign and he and his unit are trapped behind enemy lines after the defeat. Chased by the Brotherhood, he and his men finally turn up at Lynchburg and destroy the Brotherhood units and Billy takes his deranged mother to an asylum. The war then closes in and Casca, Billy and one of their unit, Herman Munz, end up back at Lynchburg after the war where Casca bids a farewell.

    Main Points 1862 – 1865
    1862 Battles of Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg
    1863 Battle of Gettysburg
    1864 Battles of Petersburg
    1865 Final surrender of Confederacy. Casca leaves for the West

    • avatar Tony Roberts says:

      Hi! No overlap. Austrian takes place in 1683. You might inadvertently have transposed the year to 1863, which is the only thing I can think of. I definitely haven’t overlapped, but thanks for your comment.

  2. avatar beeferb1 says:

    Never mind my bad, when I first looked at the Austrian I thought it said 1863 haha not 1683 Sorry about that

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