Saracen or not Saracen?

Need some input from you good Casca readers. Some years ago I wrote a Casca story that linked the end of Casca 19 (The Samurai) with the beginning of Casca 22 (The Mongol). The story was never published at the time as I was informed readers wouldn’t like it as it had Casca fighting for the Muslims during the time of the Crusades (The story is entitled The Saracen). I would really like to release it – it covers the period 1185-1189 and the events that preceded the Third Crusade (although the story doesn’t cover it). The main battles here are the Battle of Hattin and the Siege of Jerusalem. Would you like it or not? I won’t be offended if you say no – I just need to know for sure whether or not to put it forward for release in 2019.

Saracen COVER

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