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  1. avatar KevinSchmitt says:

    Time to get something off my chest. When “Outlaw” came out, it was properly raked over the coals so to speak. I didn’t like that because I was grateful to the author for writing a western. BUT, after I read the book, I appreciated why he caught so much flak. I learned a very important lesson from that: Don’t get into a discussion about something until you’ve looked into the matter first hand.

  2. avatar Trailltrader says:

    *Waves Hi to Tony* Hi Guy! Thanks to your inspiration I’m up to page 40 on the “very last Casca book”. Just wanted to say “Thank You” for giving me moral encouragement- Larry =)

  3. avatar Trailltrader says:

    Dios! I’ll have him on my prayer list!

  4. avatar Trailltrader says:

    Nice backstory! May I suggest “Read #4 first?”. I must admit its irritating as all get out as the books were written out of order- man, if you hadn’t posted that timeline I’d be lost!

  5. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    That was the entire purpose of the timeline, Trailltrader. It’s been an invaluable tool to all over the years.

  6. avatar Trailltrader says:

    *Snickers* Ah yes, the Pride of the German helmet,,,,,at least, thats what Gus told the new kid,,,,=D

  7. avatar marklynn70 says:

    Ordered my usual two copies today, looking forward to reading it. Thanks Tony.

  8. avatar KevinSchmitt says:

    I never got around to contacting the publisher. In part because it would have felt like I was going over the author’s head, and in part because I’ve never understood the man’s job. But I’m very happy that there are WWII fans who are making their wishes known. It compels me to bring up a fairly old subject: Could Tony compress multiple stories within the WWII time frame and make money? I couldn’t guess, anymore than I could speculate about which of the original books sold the best. I only know that older Americans like WWII.

  9. avatar IV4Quad says:

    What great news! I didn’t believe these amazing novels would ever make it to the small screen due to prohibitive production costs. When will we see some of the production stills?

  10. avatar KevinSchmitt says:

    That is very interesting. Dave Griffin who put my blog together always implied that selling by kindle isn’t that tough, but it sure sounds to me like it is.

    • avatar Tony Roberts says:

      Kevin, it all boils down to the file you are working with. The original manuscripts are all lost, so for 1-22 scans of existing paperback books have had to be made, then converted, then sent to me to go through it with a fine toothcomb to eliminate any errors that arose during the conversion/scanning process of which there are plenty. I then have to convert it to kindle and that requires a little bit of prep because frankly these files are a mess.

  11. avatar Phantom2448 says:

    Um, there is some form of issue with Casca 2, don’t know whether it is at Amazon or your end but everytime I open the book on Kindle I am just getting the front cover nothing else, might want to look into?

  12. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    Phantom – yes there was an issue with the original Casca 2 kindle. Just get a refund on what you’ve bought and then buy it again as I had to resubmit it and now its all right.

  13. avatar Phantom2448 says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Tony, yep everything is now fine, the wonders of technology lol!

  14. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    No problem – yes technology is great when it works! Enjoy the Casca kindle experience.

  15. avatar says:

    When is the new book coming out?

  16. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    New kindle out some time this weekend – I’ve just sent it for approval (Casca 14: The Phoenix) and the paperback (Casca 41: The Longbowman) is at the final pre-publishing phase.

  17. avatar Phantom2448 says:

    Any discussions for Casca 43-45?

    How about one where Casca finds himself in Arthurian England and ends up on a quest for the grail of all things?

  18. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    My problem with Arthurian England is knowing when exactly it was – so many arguments that it was in the 5th century, or the 6th century. The 5th century is all done and not in England, and most of the 6th is likewise taken. It would be an interesting tale, but without firm concrete knowledge of when exactly it was I don’t know when I can put it on the timeline.

  19. avatar Phantom2448 says:

    Well, I suppose even Casca can’t be at two places at the same time lol.

    In regards to the timeline are there no main points between AD522-AD622 because a book has not been done to fill the gap or that has not been added in yet?

    How about Casca being embroiled in the death of Justin in AD566 which alerts the Brotherhood causing his capture?

    Is the Byzantine–Sasanian War of 572–591 a possibility?

    Although I would think there are not too many gaps between the start and AD800?

  20. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    Avenger went up to AD551 so there’s a gap after that, but I’m hoping to do a story some time in the future covering that period, called The Lombard, and in it I’ll include the final reckoning between Casca and Narses. However after that there isn’t anything planned yet.

  21. avatar Phantom2448 says:

    RIP Gail Rhine, I know it is early but will the series be continuing?

  22. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    I truly hope so! One of the last things he did was to give me a new 2-book contract which should be honoured. Gail may well have died, but the franchise owning company still exists.

  23. avatar Trailltrader says:

    As long as we live, Casca lives. And when we die, Casca also dies- because then it’s our turn to stand before Christ,,,,either he returns, or we go to him the result is the same; We end up standing tall before The Man and The Son of God.

  24. avatar Harri says:

    condolences to the family

  25. avatar KevinSchmitt says:

    Is there someone in position to carry on?

  26. avatar Pete says:

    R.I,P. Gail, never knew him, only through Tony, but I have appreciated how he allowed Tony to grow as an author, and I think all Casca fans will acknowledge that his work and his belief in Tony’s abilities have resurrected the immortal warrior for us all to enjoy.

  27. avatar Trailltrader says:

    (Doesn’t like feeling maudlin from Gail’s death so decides it’s time to pull a practical joke on Pete) (Walks in carrying a cup of water, walks up to Pete and says) “Knock Knock”,,,,Pete says “Who’s there?” “John” “John Who?” (Stick my fingers in the water and sprinkles Pete’s face with it) John the Baptist,,,,,=D

  28. avatar says:

    Sorry to hear…

  29. avatar joe says:

    i’d been meaning to ask you about who had revived the Casca series. Sorry to hear of his death.

  30. avatar KevinSchmitt says:

    How many people actually make that happen?

  31. avatar Tony Roberts says:

    How may people make what happen, Kevin?

  32. avatar GJALBARR69@HOTMAIL.COM says:


  33. avatar ValerieP says:

    Unable to purchase through shop. Sent message via shop “contact us” also.

  34. avatar GreekShadow says:

    You will find no more avid reader concerning Casca books and I eagerly await every new one. That said this was a little flat. Casca 7: The Damned covered Honorius sufficiently. 37 and now 45 are stories that could be set in any time period. Casca rescues a damsel in distress. Casca burgles an artifact. There’s more to Casca than this.

  35. avatar GJALBARR69@HOTMAIL.COM says:

    Tony the stories have been great! Love the historical parts of the story too. Would love the stories to be a bit longer. There is so much to tell!

  36. avatar nimbaap59 says:

    Tony cannot wait for book 46 and 47 to came out. do you sign each copy that you sell or is that extra, if it’s free i would love a signed copy of the book 46 when it comes out if possible.
    be frosty (cool) and keep up the excellent work.

    • avatar Tony Roberts says:

      Hi, thanks for your message. Signing and dedications are part of the service with no extra charge. Book 46 due in any day now so you can order your advance copy now and it’ll be sent once it arrives. I’ve got orders pouring in this weekend!! Regards, Tony Roberts

  37. avatar loubai says:

    Hi Tony, How are you doing? Great I hope!! Tony, wth the increase in Royal Mail effective as of 27 March 2017 would the total combined cost for 20 Casca books with the new Royal shipping rates remain at $322.00 USD ($12.50 X 20 = $250.00 USD)? And the included shipping ratws be $72.00 USD? Or would the the total combined amount be changed because of the newly increased shipping rates? Kindly advise as I intend to place an order for all 20 books within the upcoming week. Thank you, Best Regards, Lou

  38. avatar nimbaap59 says:

    Hi Tony, am a military history guy, i live and breath casca series, i always like the way you put the caracter smack dab in the middle of historical conflicts, weather that be current or in the past. you get the view or perspective from casca that may or may not line up with the current history books. so yes even though i don’t agree with current radical Muslims beliefs I would love to here there side of the story through cascas sometimes cynical / humorous view of life. please keep up the good work, i love your writing style and i’II add this and then shut up. i only have one bad thing to say about the series… I wish the books were longer or maybe i should read them slower..have a great week, look fwd to the next book.

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